AMSA National Project is a national-scale project, curated by AMSA-Indonesia and
lead by the Ambassador of Public Health AMSA-Indonesia.
This year, AMSA National Project has brought the theme ‘Pediatrics’,
with the title ‘UTOPIA: Updates on Pediatrics’, philosophically denoting
on how we yearn to achieve an ideal, utopic world, where children do not need to suffer from diseases or difficult conditions while growing up.

AMSA National Project will be virtually held on the
22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th May 2021 via ZOOM.

For AMSA National Project 2021,
we present to you two events: Symposium and Workshop, and AMSA Kids Fair. 


AMSA National Project: UTOPIA (Updates on Pediatrics) 2021 offers 13 Symposiums and 6 Workshops on various topics under the theme of Pediatrics. Our topics include 6 sub-specialties of Pediatrics, such as Nephrology, Cardiology, Respirology, Neurology, Hemato-Oncology, Growth and Development, alongside 1 symposium on Ethics and Patient Safety. Our Symposium and Workshop is accredited with a total of 26 SKP from Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI).

Each Symposium and Workshop will be delivered by a specialist, each in their respective subspecialty according to the topics of the Symposium and Workshop. This year we have a great line of speakers from all across the country delivering the materials. Participants will get 26 SKP IDI (for ALL Symposiums and Workshops), e-certificate, presentation slide (availability depends on each speaker), and proceeding book.



17 March - 24 April 2021

Early Bird Registration

25 April - 20 May 2021

Late Bird Registration

22,23,29 May 2021

Day of Symposium and Workshop


AMSA Kids Fair

Steps for Children is a pre-event to AMSA Kids Fair 2021. Steps for Children is a virtual activity done by accomplishing 10.000 steps at home or in the participant’s respective environments within one week that will be held on Monday, 26 April 2021 until Sunday, 2 May 2021. Profits from this event will be donated to 7 non-governmental organizations that includes Yayasan Kanker Anak Sumatera Selatan, Komunitas Pasien Cuci Darah Indonesia, Yayasan Ginjal Indonesia, Komunitas Lupus Sahabat Cepluk, SLB C Yayasan Autisme Semarang, Little Heart Foundation, and Komunitas Peduli Epilepsi Makassar.

AMSA Kids Fair is an event, part of the AMSA National Project, that will be held on Sunday, 30 May 2021. This event offers a Webinar with the topic “Common Emergencies in Children”, a Talk Show with the topic “Mental Health in Children”, and Kids Activities, which include sub-events such as Art Corner, Career Day, and Storytelling. All events in the AMSA Kids Fair will be open for the public. However, participants of Kids Activities can only be children with the age of 6-12 years old.

The webinar will be held with the topic “Common Emergencies in Children" by speakers who specialize in the field of pediatrics. The main sub-topics that will be discussed in this webinar includes the management of alarm symptoms (emergencies) in children and other subtopics related to pediatric emergencies that are necessary for parents and the public to be aware of.

The talk show with the topic of “Mental Health in Children” is a platform to discuss about the current mental health issues and how they impact children in order to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health in children. Speakers of the talk show will be those who have countless experiences working in the field or hands-on dealing with mental health in children.

Kids Activities is an educational, yet entertaining event targeted for children aged 6-12. Kids Activities consist of 3 sub-events, which include:

What the participants will get from this event:
Participants of the Webinar and/or Talk Show will receive an e-certificate, but most importantly, participants will receive a broad spectrum of knowledge and new insights on topics highly relevant to today’s era.

Children who participate in the Kids Activities will receive an e-certificate and have the option to purchase a painting kit to be used in the Art Corner session. Participants will also make new friends throughout the event and most importantly, experience a fun way of learning!


Participants will create their own artwork together with the theme “When I Grow Up”, where participants are able to tell a story about their goals in the future through painting. 


Participants will be introduced to professions that include doctor, pilot, policeman, entrepreneur, chef, and teacher in an interactive and educational way. Through this session, we hope that participants are able to have a better idea of what each profession does, and we hope to provide an inspiration for participants to choose their career paths in the future.


Participants will be entertained with a puppet show brought by an experienced storyteller regarding health topics necessary for children to know and understand



26 April - 2 May 2021

Pre-Event AMSA Kids Fair

30 May 2021

AMSA Kids Fair



1. You can go to our website www.amsanationalproject.com
2. Choose Symposium and Workshop on our landing page to register
3. You will be directed to our registration system
4. Create an account
5. Choose your profession and your desired ticket type
6. Complete the payment
7. Upload your payment receipt
8. Wait for the payment to be approved within 1x24hours
9. Complete the registration by filling the data needed
10. You will receive a link to the WhatsApp group. All informations regarding the event will be given there

1. Go to bit.ly/AMSAKidsFair
2. Fill in the form
3. You can choose Webinar only, Talk Show only, or both for FREE
4. If you know someone aged 6-12 years old and would like to participate in our Kids’ Activities segment, proceed to the next section by clicking on “Yes”. If not, please submit the form and your registration for the AMSA Kids’ Fair Webinar and Talk Show is done.
5. You will receive a link to the WhatsApp group. Please join the group as all information regarding the event will be given there.
6. If you are not interested in participating in AMSA Kids’ Fair Webinar or Talkshow and would only like to register your child for the Kids’ Activities segment, please visit bit.ly/KidsActANP

No, each account on the website can only be used to purchase one ticket. We highly encourage everyone to register for themselves as the data submitted on the website will be used to curate each e-certificate.

Step 1
Visit www.amsanationalproject.com
Step 2
Choose Symposium and Workshop on our landing page to register.
Step 3
Click "daftar via voucher".
Step 4
Insert voucher code that has been given by the committee.
Step 5
Complete the registration by filling the data needed.
Step 6
You will receive a link to a whatsapp group where all information regarding this event will be given there.

We kindly suggest you to wait for another 1 x 24 hours. If your payment has not been approved within the second 1 x 24 hours, please contact us through LINE (claristaaa) or WhatsApp (081314404273)

Please contact us through Line or Whatsapp

Unfortunately you cannot change any of your data once you have locked it, so please make sure that your data is correct before you lock it

To enjoy the symposium and workshop, please make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of ZOOM and have a stable internet connection. The rest is up to us so relax and we’ll see you at the event!

If you registered your child to participate in the Kids’ Activities segment, please prepare art supplies that include a canvas, watercolour paint, a painting brush, or anything similar to the aforementioned as it is needed during the Art Corner session. If you don’t have art supplies or know where to purchase them, worry not! You can also purchase art supplies through us by filling in the same form used for your registration!

Thankyou for your donation. Every penny counts. No matter how big or small your contribution is, today you have made a difference! As of May 28th 2021, through kitabisa, AMSA National Project has collected:

Rp 7.122.789

In collaboration with our partner, MNC Peduli, we have also collected:

Rp 5.048.793

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winston S. Churchill

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